fresha top nail trends 2024

Revealed: the top 10 nail trends of 2024 so far

By Rebecca Hitchon | 15 April 2024

Research from beauty and wellness marketplace, Fresha, has uncovered the most popular global nail trends of the year. Analysing video and view counts on Tiktok, the number of hashtags on Instagram and overall social media engagement, the company has compiled the top ten nail trends that have captured worldwide attention…

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Nail Appointment

2 in 3 women are turning to nail appointments for mental wellbeing

By Rebecca Hitchon | 29 January 2024

Research from salon booking platform, Fresha, has revealed that two in three women are supporting their mental wellbeing via beauty experiences in 2024. This aligns with TikTok trend, ‘girl therapy’, with #girltherapy used on over 50K posts. The phrase is used to show when girls and women prioritise self-care, via…

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Nail Appointment Header

52% of Gen Z view nail appointments as ‘essential’. Here’s why…

By Callie Iley | 19 December 2023

In the Future of Beauty and Wellness Report 2024, salon booking platform, Fresha’s research has revealed a shift in attitudes towards beauty treatments being seen as a necessity. Having traditionally been associated with indulgence or as a treat for special occasions, the research shows that nail appointments and other beauty…

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Beauty Secrets

Here’s the royal family members with the most in-demand beauty secrets

By Callie Iley | 12 December 2023

Research conducted by beauty and wellness marketplace, Fresha, has explored online articles discussing royal family members’ beauty routines, ranking each to find out which royal women have the most talked-about beauty routines in 2023. Fresha discovered 63,693 articles from the last 12 months about the late Queen Elizabeth II’s beauty…

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Salon & spa software co, Fresha, acquires online booking marketplace Bookwell

By Emma Hobday | 15 February 2022

London based beauty and wellness booking software Fresha has obtained Bookwell, an Australian beauty booking platform for salons and spas. Subscription free and quick & simple to use, Fresha is used across 120 countries, with almost $15 billion in value of bookings to date and a system containing 60,000 salons…

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