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5 things I love about being a salon owner

By Kat Hill | 10 February 2021

Scratch chats with Glasgow-based owner of NAF! Salon, Tammy Koslowski, about why she loves being a salon owner… 1 Our team & clients (the NAFIA!) I never knew people were my passion until I opened my own salon. I love that I get to work with – and support –…

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Award-winning NAF! Salon moves to new premises

By Helena Biggs | 19 April 2018

Glasgow’s NAF! Salon, winner of Nail Salon of the Year at the Scratch Stars Awards 2017, has moved to a new premises. Owing to increasing client demand, the popular salon – founded and run by Tammy Koslowski – is now based in West George Street, Glasgow; just a short walk…

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