Maddi Cook Boss Your Salon Mar23

Impostor Syndrome: What is it & do you have it?

By Guest Writer | 9 March 2023

Hair & beauty business coach, Maddi Cook of Boss Your Salon, shares top tips to elevate your offerings and enhance your profits. Boss Your Salon helps empower hair and beauty pros to price perfectly, set boundaries and grow without burnout, believing that business growth is for everyone. Maddi has worked…

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Beauty Edit Podcast Cards Lead

The Beauty Edit Podcast launches affirmation cards

By Kat Hill | 9 February 2021

The mother-daughter duo behind beauty industry-focused podcast, The Beauty Edit, has created Positive Affirmation Cards, including uplifting statements to promote positivity especially for nail & beauty professionals. Featuring 32 cards, Amanda & Shelby Holmes created the deck to help ‘challenge and overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts’, with a variety of…

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