Nail Your Epic Life Challenge with Jo Tompkins

By Abi Hassan | 10 April 2024

Unlock the secrets to a thriving nail & beauty business! Starting April 29th, dive deep into proven strategies to attract more clients, boost your earnings to £3-£5k a month, and overcome the hurdles that have been holding you back. Join Joanna Tompkins, founder of the Nail Tech Tribe, for an…

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Nail Pro Picking Polish Canva

Nail pros: Here’s how changing your mindset can help you earn £3-5k a month

By Jo Tompkins | 14 March 2024

What do you do for a living? “I just do nails.” I was never interested in nails and beauty when I was younger. In fact, I bit my nails until I was 25! I was embarrassed by them though, and finally managed to (sort of) kick the habit. And that’s…

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Social Media Hands Nails

The top 5 mistakes nail techs are making on social media

By Jo Tompkins | 19 February 2024

I’ve probably looked at more nail tech social media pages than anyone else on the planet. I have also probably helped more nail techs than anyone else on the planet to get fully booked and earn £3-5k a month, and part of that strategy comes down to social media marketing. …

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Jo Tompkins 1200 Featured

I’m a multi award-winning nail tech – and here’s my strategy for business success

By Jo Tompkins | 15 January 2024

After building a successful, award-winning mobile nail business, Joanna Tompkins was awarded the Scratch Stars Nail Business Mentor Of The Year Award in 2023 for her work within the free Nail Tech Tribe community and the Nail Business Success Club (NBSC). She supports sole trader nail techs and beauticians, who…

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Nail Tech Talk: Meet Joanna Tompkins, Scratch Stars’ Nail Business Mentor Award winner 2023

By Carter Rogers | 3 September 2023

Meet Scratch Stars’ winner of the Nail Business Mentor Award 2023, Joanna Tompkins of Nail Tech Tribe, as she shares insight to her career journey and reveals details from her competition process…  “10 years ago, I was an admin assistant wanting more than anything to escape being tied to an…

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Nails & Sales

Nails & Sales launches free challenge for techs to raise prices & attract clients

By Sophie Nutt | 20 March 2020

Joanna Tompkins, founder of Nails & Sales, is launching a free challenge for nail technicians titled ‘Raise Your Prices & Attract More Clients’. The challenge aims to equip techs with the knowledge and confidence to raise treatment prices and gain clients as a result. The Raise Your Prices & Attract…

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Pam Hogg Cnd

Bright CND™ nail hues walk runway for Pam Hogg SS20

By Kat Hill | 14 September 2019

Pops of bright nail colours walked the runway at Pam Hogg’s SS20 showcase at London Fashion Week. The CND™ & Sweet Squared team were lead by Nickie Rhodes-Hill, Scratch Stars Awards 2019 Session Stylist of the Year. The nail team also included: Amy Morphey, Joanna Tompkins, Shienne Mann and Kay…

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