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Calling all nail professionals: Doug Schoon answers the Q: Does a universal monomer exist?

By Alex Fox | 12 April 2021

Does a universal monomer exist? Can I use any brand of ‘acrylic’ liquid & powder? Doug Schoon, in his capacity as expert on The NailKnowledge education team, offers a short, concise video that highlights the issues with mixing systems. In his section called – Too embarrassed to ask? – Doug…

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Canva Nail Gel Polish 1200

Marian Newman BEM on… changes to nail product regulations for 2021

By Guest Writer | 16 December 2020

Marian Newman BEM, nail industry veteran and chair of The FNP, reveals the changes to cosmetic products that will be evident in 2021… Originally posted at www.the-fnp.com “We will be seeing a lot of changes in 2021 with regards to cosmetic products including nail products. This has some connection to…

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