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Professional nailcare market in the UK grows by 3.4% in 12 months

By Chloe Randall | 18 October 2022

Kline Group has announced in a recent report that the UK’s professional nailcare market has reached £42 million, growing at 3.4% in 2021, compared to 2020. In the report, this growth was put down to the fact that most marketers restocked their inventory in 2021 as the salons reopened, which…

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UK cosmetics & toiletries industry to decline by 10% in 2020

By Sophie Nutt | 27 August 2020

The UK cosmetics and toiletries sector will see a £1.7bn value decline in 2020. Research conducted by GlobalData has revealed that 43% of UK consumers plan to reduce socialising outside of the home, which would cause cosmetics and toiletries to lose out in a Covid-19-driven decision between ‘what is essential…

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How to market one stroke and aquarelle designs

By Sophie Nutt | 2 May 2019

The sweep of a brush over a nail creating a tonal, delicate creation is mesmerising for the client and a joy to perform for the tech. Striking and a visual feast for the eyes, the blended nature of one stroke and aquarelle designs easily capture attention and creates a talking…

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Beauty marketing on a budget: 5 steps to success

By Guest Writer | 5 July 2017

Tom Ferris, owner of Blackwell Ferris Marketing, reveals how to maximise your marketing success – even when your budget is limited One of the biggest issues with a new business is how to market when budget is an issue, so this month’s blog post is all about tips and tricks to…

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