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Offer strength, style & length for nails with Magnetic’s PowerGel

By Chloe Randall | 10 December 2021

Add length and even create extreme shades with the easy-to-use PowerGel range from Magnetic Nail Design. Serving up the feel of L&P acrylic but curing like a gel, the system offers control over nail enhancements and is easy to use with tips and forms, or even for a natural nail overlay.…

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How to fit nail forms like a boss

By Katie Barnes | 6 October 2021

Form fitting is one of the biggest nail tech troubles that causes concerns in the industry. There are so many different components and elements that all have to be correct for success when using nail forms. Perfecting your form fitting technique will mean the difference between a structurally strong nail…

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acrygel michelle porter

Want the strength of acrylic with the flexibility of gel? Meet AcryGel

By Guest Writer | 6 August 2021

AcryGel UK‘s namesake nail system offers nail pros the strength and durability of acrylic with the clarity and flexibility of UV gel to create long-lasting, clear enhancements. By taking the system’s UV Gel and adding (not mixing) the AcryGel Acrylic Strengthening Powder, the resulting product is strong enough to use…

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Magpie Beauty Full On Tips

Offer speedy enhancements with Magpie Beauty Full On Tips

By Sophie Nutt | 18 July 2020

Magpie Beauty has launched Full On Tips designed to save professional nail technicians time and money by offering an express nail extension service. Available in both Almond and Tapered Square shapes, the Full On Tips boast a wear-time of up to three weeks and can be applied using both acrylic…

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Gellux Builder Gels 1200

Add strength & length with 4 Gellux Brush-on Builder Gels

By Helena Biggs | 3 July 2020

Extend nails or add a strengthening overlay with a choice of four handy brush-on builder gels from Salon System Gellux. Use as a builder base under gel polish or sculpt with forms or nail tips, choosing the natural-looking shades of Beige, Peach, Pink or White. The base and builder in…

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Vodex Fileoway Ii

Capture nail dust & fumes with FileOWAY II by Vodex

By Helena Biggs | 21 February 2020

Promote clean air in your nail setup with the handy FileOWAY II dust and fumes capture box by Vodex. The sleek and portable device removes airborne dust and fumes created during nail enhancement services. It sits atop the desk and connects to a plug and play dust extraction unit (under…

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Natalie Mason

#TRENDINGTUEDAY Natalie Mason, The Shack Nails

By Sophie Nutt | 17 December 2019

We want to see the designs trending at your nail desk! Natalie Mason, of The Shack Nails, reveals full-on sparkle has been popular with her clients recently. “This design has been popular as it enables clients to keep a clean classic look but still with a whole lot of sparkle.…

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Virag Timar Lead Image

The benefits of offering L&P services

By Sophie Nutt | 21 November 2019

The L&P system is a valuable addition to a professional’s skillset as well as a staple service for a salon’s service menu. “L&P is a system that I have been working with for 22 years now and it is my starting system with new extension clients,” says Lisa Dunlop, Cuccio…

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Katie Barnes Arch

Why the arch is integral to a well balanced nail enhancement

By Katie Barnes | 25 June 2019

The extension side line that comes out from the natural sidewall that you see is known as the lower arch. Along with the c-curve and apex, the lower arch is one of the most important elements of a successfully structured nail enhancement as these three components work in harmony together.…

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How to correctly remove nail enhancements that are lifting

By Katie Barnes | 9 January 2018

Salon owner, educator, former Scratch columnist and award-winning nail stylist, Katie Barnes, reveals how to correctly remove enhancements that have lifted What is lifting? Enhancements that lift away from the natural nail show a sign of service breakdown. This can occur with any nail coating but is often more common with L&P and…

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