Form Fit For Wide Fingernail

How to effectively fit a form to a wide nail

By Katie Barnes | 25 May 2022

It can be tricky to fit a form on an uneven free edge or when the fleshy pad of skin where the free edge would usually be, is raised and higher than or level with the nail plate. The nail plate is often flat or may be concave. This can…

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nail form stock canva

How to fit nail forms like a boss

By Katie Barnes | 6 October 2021

Form fitting is one of the biggest nail tech troubles that causes concerns in the industry. There are so many different components and elements that all have to be correct for success when using nail forms. Perfecting your form fitting technique will mean the difference between a structurally strong nail…

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Form Fitter 3

Easily adjust nail forms with INK London Fine Arrow Point Scissors

By Kat Hill | 26 June 2018

Ensure a snug fit with your forms thanks to the new Fine Arrow Point Scissors from INK London. Ergonomically designed, the scissors see a sharp point to easily adjust forms before product application. The scissors see a chic black handle and INK London’s crown emblem. Snap up the scissors at

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