E File Bits Katie Barnes

The difference between left and right-handed E-file bits

By Katie Barnes | 24 August 2023

Most E-files will come with two directions, most commonly called forward and reverse. The forward direction will rotate the E-file bits in the correct direction when working from right to left, or commonly for a right-handed tech. The reverse direction will rotate the bits in the correct direction for a…

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Cut Nail Forms Katie Barnes

How to know where to cut your nail forms

By Katie Barnes | 25 October 2022

No two clients’ nails are alike, and no two nails on the same client are alike. They will grow at different angles and have different free edge shapes. Therefore, when fitting a nail form, it is essential to tailor it to fit each nail seamlessly. If a nail form isn’t…

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Katie Barnes Nails Spider

How to turn your nail tech technique flaws into strengths to earn more

By Katie Barnes | 8 February 2022

Whether it’s trying to paint a symmetrical heart or fitting nail forms, there is always a particular technique that every individual struggles with.  Recognising and accepting your weaknesses is the first step. Breaking down each step into individual stages can help achieve success with these struggles. For example, when trying…

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katie barnes ombre nails

How to create an ombré nail style

By Katie Barnes | 7 September 2021

The ombré look is a popular nail style choice, particularly when created using with pink and white shades to replace a traditional French finish. Perfecting it can be a bit challenging however, especially when you’re under the watchful eyes of your clients and time restraints of the appointment. There are…

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Katie Barnes File 1200x800

Are you holding your nail file correctly? Find out here…

By Katie Barnes | 4 May 2021

Although filing the natural nail shape may seem like it’s as simple as using a back-and-forth motion, the truth is there’s much more to it.  The way in which you hold your nail file when filing the natural nail or enhancements is critical for the desired results and shape.  Start…

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Lockdown Upskilling

Lockdown: how to up-skill as a nail tech

By Chloe Randall | 22 March 2021

For many nail technicians and salon owners, lockdown has given them the gift of time. Time to either learn new nail techniques, how to improve their business, or simply, going back to basics. Here are some techs who share how they have up-skilled their nail techniques during this time… “For…

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Katie Barnes Nail Shapes

How to file 5 different nail shapes for your clients

By Katie Barnes | 7 January 2021

Educator, former Scratch columnist and award-winning nail stylist, Katie Barnes, reveals how to file various nail shapes for your client… When filing nail shapes on enhancements, it is important to remember that the way your form is fitted and how you build the product is paramount for the correct shape and longevity of the…

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Katie Barnes Practice Nail Designs

Struggling to master a nail design? Here’s some advice…

By Katie Barnes | 15 September 2020

Unfortunately we are in an age where we want to master something the instant we try it and tend to blame the education or object for not instantly picking it up. This doesn’t just apply to learning a new skill. It is also applicable to a new product, brand technique…

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Vodex Fileoway Ii

Capture nail dust & fumes with FileOWAY II by Vodex

By Helena Biggs | 21 February 2020

Promote clean air in your nail setup with the handy FileOWAY II dust and fumes capture box by Vodex. The sleek and portable device removes airborne dust and fumes created during nail enhancement services. It sits atop the desk and connects to a plug and play dust extraction unit (under…

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Katie Barnes Filing Blog

Why & how you need to perfect your filing technique

By Katie Barnes | 14 May 2019

Having a well-structured filing routine that is repeated on every single nail is paramount for success and consistency when finishing and filing your nail enhancements. Many nail technicians rely on filing to fix any issues from poor application. However, filing should only be used to refine and perfect application techniques,…

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