Bare Feet

Margaret Dabbs launches Bare Feet range

By Sophie Nutt | 13 June 2020

Renowned podiatrist and foot expert, Margaret Dabbs, has launched the Bare Feet range. Boasting luxurious and effective yet affordable products, the Bare Feet by Margaret Dabbs range comprises great smelling, long-lasting and hard-working ingredients including manuka honey and ginger. The products are designed to carry the Margaret Dabbs London commitment…

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Foot Blister Feet Summer Sandals

Foot issues heighten in summer due to poor-fitting shoes

By Helena Biggs | 14 May 2018

Foot experts have revealed why there may be a an increase in women suffering with blisters in the summer months; they wear the wrong size shoes. Summer shoes should be at least half a size bigger than winter shoes to allow for swelling, yet 94% of British women surveyed on…

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Dr Bharti Rajput

Podiatrist awarded MBE for professional services to podiatry

By Kat Hill | 8 February 2018

Doctor Bharti Rajput Phd has been awarded an MBE for her professional services to podiatry and the economy in Dundee, Scotland. Known as Dr B to her patients and colleagues, the director and podiatrist at the Dundee-based clinic, Sole Body Soul, aims to ‘reinvent the delivery of foot care’, with a ‘focus…

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