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8 ways to reduce foot swelling during pregnancy

By Emma Hobday | 30 October 2021

It’s completely normal to experience some swelling in pregnancy, particularly in your legs, ankles, feet and fingers, which can often be worse at the end of the day. Why does it happen? Your growing uterus can interrupt blood flow and cause more fluid to stay in your leg veins, with the extra…

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Laura Easby Pregnancy

Nail tech predicts client pregnancy

By Kat Hill | 2 March 2019

Laura Easby was able to predict her client’s pregnancy after noting their nail condition – even before the client knew! “I’ve known my client, Laura, for around six years now,” explains Laura Easby. “Laura already has one little girl, Lydia, and I remember during that pregnancy, her nails took a…

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Pregnant Woman Nails

What to consider when pedicuring a pregnant client

By Helena Biggs | 15 October 2018

Pregnant pampering can be a welcome treat for a tired mum-to-be as a luxurious pedicure can soothe sore feet and encourage circulation. The small but significant treatment can help boost beauty confidence during a pregnancy or simply help maintain overall foot care when the client can no longer reach their…

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Nail technician creates design featuring mum-to-be’s pregnancy scan

By Sophie Nutt | 17 April 2018

A UK nail technician has gone viral after creating a nail design that incorporates her pregnant client’s baby scan into the look. Sarah Clarke, of Sarenity Hair and Beauty, wanted to make her client’s pregnancy as memorable as possible and felt compelled to do something exceptional for the mum-to-be, “It’s…

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