Marie Louise Coster Discounts

Should I offer nail service discounts? Marie-Louise Coster explores

By Marie-Louise Coster | 24 November 2023

In this column, session nail stylist, salon owner & educator, Marie-Louise Coster, talks discounts, their effects and knowing the worth of your services… Christmas is around the corner and your columns, if not already full, will be filling up fast. The festive season may be slower getting started for you…

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Charging Worth

How to charge your worth as a nail tech

By Marie-Louise Coster | 25 October 2023

Session nail stylist, salon owner & educator, Marie-Louise Coster, shares her top tips… Stop basing your treatment prices on what others are charging, or charging nominal prices to keep yourself busy. Yes, you will attract clients, but if you work out what it has cost you to provide your services,…

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Maddi Cook Price Calculator

Keen to boost your profits? Salon expert shares pricing calculator & course for beauty pros

By Helena Biggs | 11 September 2023

Are you struggling to calculate your outgoings and wondering why your sums are leaving you short each month? Try the handy pricing calculator and course from Maddi Cook, a salon business expert & owner of Boss Your Salon. Maddi, a finalist in the 2023 Scratch Stars Awards for Services to…

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Becca Web Newsfeature Lead 1200x800px

How to price mobile nail services

By Guest Writer | 4 May 2023

Scratch Stars Mobile Nailist of the Year 2022 & finalist for the category for 2023, Clare Woodcock of The Nail Club, shares pricing pointers for mobile nail pros… Mobile pros: you offer a premium service, so charge for it! Gone are the days when manicures were add-on services in hairdressing…

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Payment Card

How to deal with clients questioning your prices

By Kat Hill | 10 December 2020

Has a client quibbled your pricing? Or questioned an extra cost for additional artwork? Talking about money can sometimes feel awkward, but Rachel Gribble, Salon System educator, serves up some advice… “Nail art is an add-on to a standard treatment and can require further training and special equipment not only to learn the…

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Tina Bell Nail Art Charge 1200

Confused about what to charge for nail art? Tina Bell shares her tips…

By Guest Writer | 4 December 2020

Tina Bell, head of education for Pure Nails & owner of Totally Polished Academy, shares her advice on charging appropriately for nail art so you’re not out of pocket… Do you struggle to charge for nail art? Does the client always spring their request on you at the last minute…

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Are you charging enough?

By Guest Writer | 30 June 2020

Top tech & tutor, Sadie Hynes, of Britannia Beauty & Training, shares her thoughts on pricing… ‘Know your worth, then add tax’. I posted this quote along with the story behind why I was increasing my prices when we go back to work on a well-known community page – and…

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How to work out what you need to charge for nail services in 10 steps

By Katie Barnes | 26 May 2020

Upon the return to work for nail techs, one of the most important considerations along with health & safety is likely to be a pricing for your services. Many technicians are guilty of looking to their competition when pricing their nail services. When considering your prices; whether setting these from…

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Nails & Sales

Nails & Sales launches free challenge for techs to raise prices & attract clients

By Sophie Nutt | 20 March 2020

Joanna Tompkins, founder of Nails & Sales, is launching a free challenge for nail technicians titled ‘Raise Your Prices & Attract More Clients’. The challenge aims to equip techs with the knowledge and confidence to raise treatment prices and gain clients as a result. The Raise Your Prices & Attract…

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William Iven Spvhcbuki6e Unsplash

What to consider when starting out as a mobile nail tech

By Sophie Nutt | 18 July 2019

Does working for yourself and tending to clients in the comfort of their own home tickle your fancy? If so, there are a number of steps to consider before you jump head first into the world of mobile tekking. Firstly, you need to begin deciding what services you will offer…

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