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How to market professional make-up services

By Sophie Nutt | 31 October 2019

Happy Halloween! With the spooky holiday comes parties and a whole lot fancy dress. One of the most popular ways of finishing a spooky Halloween look is with the perfect face of make-up to match. With the majority of people not having the skill to create effective Halloween make-up that…

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Best Of Mii Display

Maximise retail with Best of Mii display

By Sophie Nutt | 20 August 2019

Mii Cosmetics has revealed the Best of Mii display for salons to showcase a range of retail-ready products. The compact unit offers a curated collection of Mii Cosmetics products supported with product benefits and clear retail pricing, as well as mini versions of the new look Mii consumer brochure and…

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Charlotte Tilbury Headshot

Five minutes with Charlotte Tilbury

By Sophie Nutt | 21 June 2018

Upon launching the Charlotte Tilbury Pro membership programme, allowing make-up artists and students backstage access to her world-renowned empire of products, Scratch caught up with Charlotte Tilbury about her love for make-up, the beauty industry and her advice for aspiring artists… From where did your passion for make-up begin? My ambition and…

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