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What is the cuticle & how much can be safely removed in a manicure?

By Katie Barnes | 6 June 2023

Possibly one of the most debated and controversial topics in the industry, following allergies right now, is the cuticle. What is it, what is living and non-living, and what and how much can safely be removed? It can be confusing to know the difference between the terminology you hear including…

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katie barnes cuticle gel polish

12 steps to help perfect gel polish application at the cuticle zone

By Katie Barnes | 1 July 2021

Achieving a close and neat cuticle application with gel polish can be a nail tech’s nemesis but with just a few simple steps you can master a photo perfect cuticle application your clients will love. To achieve this with the gel polish brush alone can prove difficult even for the…

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Efile Nail Drill

E-files: Myth vs fact

By Scratch Staff | 10 June 2021

Awarding winning tech & educator, Paulina Zdrada of The Nail Lab, tackles common questions about e-files. E-files are one of the more versatile tools at your disposal in the sense that they can be used in a variety of ways for a range of reasons. Whether it be for prep…

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Naf! Stuff Cuticle Oil

NAF! Stuff Pro reveals retail programme

By Kat Hill | 1 December 2020

Nail care brand, NAF! Stuff, has relaunched its Affiliate Programme, meaning nail & beauty businesses can offer retail-friendly products from the brand to clients. Created to help NAFIA Pro’s to earn extra income whether they’re in or out of the salon, the professional receives a unique discount code to share…

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Katie Barnes Cuticle Feature

How to remove the cuticle safely

By Katie Barnes | 7 July 2020

The cuticle can be unsightly and if not removed from the nail plate correctly, can lead to service breakdown. To safely work on this area, firstly it is essential to understand the difference between the cuticle and the proximal nail fold or eponychium. There is a lot of controversy and…

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Navy Pro releases curved manicure multi tool

By Sophie Nutt | 25 May 2019

Navy Professional has released Doris – a curved manicure multi tool. The tool has been designed for multi-use during nail prep and art for both manicures and pedicures, the soft curved blade aims to remove non-living tissue from the nail plate with ease. Doris has a unique titanium coating, which…

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Nail artist launches own cuticle oil range

By Sophie Nutt | 6 April 2019

Nail artist and educator, Emma Kilani, has launched Emoki Nails – a range of fun cuticle oils to repair and hydrate cuticles, while ensuring nail coatings stay in tip-top condition. The idea Based in Perth, Scotland, the Emoki Nails business is family run and the brain-child of Emma, who has…

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Enhance pedicures with Footlogix Cuticle Conditioner and Softener

By Sophie Nutt | 8 February 2019

Enhance pedicure services with the Footlogix Cuticle Conditioner and Cuticle Softener. These handy products are fast-acting and an ideal duo for softening hard skin build-up around the toenail without stripping the skin of essential moisture. Powered with dermal infusion technology, the Footlogix Cuticle Conditioner hydrates cuticles and keeps client’s feet…

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Gel Polish Application

How to perfect nail product application by the cuticle

By Katie Barnes | 6 November 2018

Mastering cuticle application can be a tech’s nemesis, but it needn’t be. Of course, it takes practice but follow my top tips for perfecting your cuticle application with L&P and gel polish. Perfecting L&P cuticle application When working with L&P, ensuring the mix ratio is correct – especially around the…

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Iz Prep Lead

Perfect your nail preparation

By Kat Hill | 3 April 2018

Alison Dowse, educator with Izabelle Hammon Ltd, reveals how she preps for a gel-based service…  Nail preparation is the most crucial step for the application of gel and should never be overlooked. One of the main reasons gels will start to lift is due to improper nail prep. Creating the perfect…

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