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Gelish unveils On The Go Electric Nail File for beginners & mobile pros

By Callie Iley | 5 April 2024

Gelish has launched the On The Go Electric Nail File: a beginner and student-friendly E-file with a cordless design and lightweight finish. The Gelish Mini On The Go Electric Nail File has three speeds with low, medium and high settings: ideal for removing gel enhancements and shaping, filing and manicuring…

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Kb Efile Shank Size Blog

Understanding the 3/32-inch shank size with E-file bits

By Katie Barnes | 5 March 2024

If you’re a nail technician, you may have come across the term, ‘3/32-inch shank size’, when shopping for E-file bits. But what does this measurement mean, and why is it crucial to understand it for a seamless nail filing experience? The shank size of an E-file bit refers to the…

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E-file bits: Understanding types of bits, their uses & how to keep them clean

By Callie Iley | 1 December 2023

E-file bits come in a range of materials and grits, with a variety of different uses. Some types of E-file bits include: Diamond bits – not for use on the natural nail. Used for exfoliating or polishing skin and pushing back the proximal nail fold. Carbide & ceramic bits –…

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E-files: Understanding use, RPM, torque & more

By Callie Iley | 25 November 2023

Get to grips with E-files as Scratch explores use, key features, care tips and more… The use of an E-file in a nail service can significantly speed up the shaping and filing process, as well as reduce the physically demanding and repetitive use of hand files. “Some nail technicians are…

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E File Stock Image Nails

E-files: Why is direction so important?

By Katie Barnes | 23 October 2023

Most professional E-files will come with two directions, forward and reverse. I always recommend investing in an E-file with both directions, to allow for enhanced performance and safe results. This type of E-file is sometimes mistakenly referred to as left and right-handed, but this is not always the direction that…

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Katie Barnes E File Bit Clogged

Here’s why your E-file bits get clogged – & what to do about it

By Katie Barnes | 3 October 2023

Often, when E-file bits get clogged, it is likely the product it becomes clogged with is uncured. This could be gel, acrygel, gel polish or even acrylic. When product is fully cured it presents as pure dust which will sit in the teeth of your bit and still needs removing…

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E File Bits Katie Barnes

The difference between left and right-handed E-file bits

By Katie Barnes | 24 August 2023

Most E-files will come with two directions, most commonly called forward and reverse. The forward direction will rotate the E-file bits in the correct direction when working from right to left, or commonly for a right-handed tech. The reverse direction will rotate the bits in the correct direction for a…

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Kb Mini E File Mandrel And Kb Mini Sanding Bands News Header

Upgrade your E-File routine with the KB Mini E-File Mandrel & KB Mini Sanding Bands

By Callie Iley | 23 August 2023

Katie Barnes Tool Range has expanded its offering with the KB Mini E-File Mandrel & KB Mini Sanding Bands. Give your nail prep and shaping services an upgrade with the KB Mini E-File Mandrel and KB Mini Sanding Bands, featuring a compact size to support techs in navigating the nail…

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Lucy Pastorelli Epedi Course And Kit

Master the ePedi with Lucy Pastorelli’s ePedi Course & 7-piece drill bit kit

By Callie Iley | 25 June 2023

Taught by Lucy Pastorelli across three UK locations, the LP ePedi Course is a one-day intensive ABT accredited course teaching how to safely perform electric pedicure treatments.   Taking place in Glasgow, Sheffield and the South East, the LP ePedi Course teaches qualified E-file techs the dry pedicure treatment, offering…

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OPI collaborates with Katie Barnes to launch an E-file

By Chloe Randall | 19 April 2023

OPI has collaborated with Katie Clark, Scratch Stars Services to the Nail Industry finalist & founder of Katie Barnes Tool Range, to launch an E-file. The OPI X Katie Barnes E-file collaboration follows the launch of OPI’s Diamond Gel, a hard gel system that can be used to build, overlay…

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