Katie Barnes Smile Lines 1200

How to choose smile lines to suit your client’s nails

By Katie Barnes | 19 August 2020

Different smile lines will suit different shapes and lengths of nails. Smile line execution requires different techniques to create each ‘type’ of smile line; competition, extreme, and salon viable. The general rule is that the longer and more pointed the nail, the deeper and longer the smile line should be.…

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Gelosophy French Duo

Perfect the French manicure with Gelosophy French Duo Kit

By Sophie Nutt | 23 May 2020

Launched by Astonishing Nails UK, the Gelosophy French Duo Kit is designed to aid classic French manicure designs over natural nails, acrylic or gel. The duo kit comprises: Gelosophy French Pink, which boasts a flexible base and strong adhesion while also smoothing out any unevenness of the natural nail plate.…

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Kelly Wells

WHAT I’M WEARING: Kelly Wells, Beauticle Nails

By Sophie Nutt | 19 April 2020

We want to see what you’re wearing on your nails! Kelly Wells, of Beauticle Nails, wears black tips and a glitter fade over nude nails. “After having barely nails for nearly two weeks and having no motivation to do them, I came across a picture on Pinterest that encouraged me…

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Kerrie Labrum

WHAT I’M WEARING: Kerrie Labrum, Kezzll Nailzz

By Sophie Nutt | 15 March 2020

We want to see what you’re wearing on your nails! Kerrie Labrum, of Kezzll Nailzz, wears a stunning French design on stiletto tips. “I created these nails using Glitter Planet Easy Tip Clear Stiletto tips to get the lovely shape. I then use Team Gorgeous acrylic in Rosa, Whipped Cream,…

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Katie Barnes Smile Gel

How to create a crisp smile line with the gel system

By Katie Barnes | 21 January 2020

Smile lines can be a nail tech’s nemesis. With the introduction of gel paint and gel polish, the need for sculpted smile lines has faded. While I love the look of a crisp, sculpted smile line, time constraints and trends means that more and more clients are requesting varied finishes;…

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Smile Line Client View (1)

How to perfect a smile line on nails

By Katie Barnes | 22 October 2018

A crisp, neat smile line that flatters the client’s nail and creates an elongated look can really set your work apart from other nail techs in both salon and competition work. However, achieving this perfect smile line can worry many techs and make them avoid offering this option altogether. The…

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Prosecco Nails

MANI MONDAY: National prosecco day

By Sophie Nutt | 13 August 2018

Begin the week the right way with some nail inspiration this mani Monday! There’s never been a better excuse to enjoy a glass of fizz, as today marks national prosecco day! To celebrate, we’ve been eyeing up some gorgeous golden nails and love this glamorous design by talented tech Margarita…

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Bthany Stockell


By Sophie Nutt | 5 June 2018

We want to see the designs trending at your nail desk! Nail artist, Bethany Stockell, reveals that icy blue hues have been popular with her clients recently, despite the shift into the summer season. “I can only assume that my clients are going against the grain! During the festive season,…

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