The EU microplastics restriction & what it means for the nail industry

By Rebecca Hitchon | 2 October 2023

The European Commission has adopted measures that restrict the sale of microplastics intentionally added to products, including cosmetics. Coming into force from 15 October 2023, the change to the EU chemical legislation, REACH, is set to prevent the uncontrolled release of around half a million tonnes of microplastics into the…

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CIDESCO endorses NailKnowledge online learning platform

By Chloe Randall | 18 January 2023

World standard for beauty and spa therapy, CIDESCO International, has approved and endorsed the NailKnowledge virtual learning platform; conceptualised by a team of experts including industry aficionado, Marian Newman BEM. It offers a flexible, interactive and visual way to learn online. Within the NailKnowledge online platform is a diploma that…

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Marian Newman reflects on 12 months of the NailKnowledge programme

By Guest Writer | 13 January 2022

Marian Newman BEM, expert educator at NailKnowledge, reflects on progress and news from the first year of the programme… “On 20 January 2021, the NailKnowledge went live online, following nearly two years of hard work. The team behind it had spent time not only deciding the content and the format,…

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Nail educator Rachel Lunn discusses the attitude towards nail education, the importance of elevating industry standards & the power of practice

By Alex Fox | 13 June 2021

Great expectations …by Rachel Lunn @rachel­.lunn_nails https://m.facebook.com/The-Nailroom-254269057922527/ @rachel­.lunn_nails I trained as a nail tech in 2003. Gel polish had not yet been born and the trend was pink & white acrylic enhancements, one colour polish or a manicure. Nails were just starting to grow into a more popular service that everyone…

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The Federation of Nail Professionals speaks out against short, unaccredited courses that are damaging the nail industry

By Alex Fox | 19 May 2021

I Know! Let’s have a race to the bottom? Or should we reboot industry education… by Marian Newman BEM, Chair of The FNP – Federation of Nail Professionals  If it wasn’t bad enough that the industry is inundated with short courses that are ‘not fit for purpose’, now we have…

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Calling all nail professionals: Doug Schoon answers the Q: Does a universal monomer exist?

By Alex Fox | 12 April 2021

Does a universal monomer exist? Can I use any brand of ‘acrylic’ liquid & powder? Doug Schoon, in his capacity as expert on The NailKnowledge education team, offers a short, concise video that highlights the issues with mixing systems. In his section called – Too embarrassed to ask? – Doug…

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Learn essential nail info with ‘Nail Knowledge’ online education platform

By Alex Fox | 17 January 2021

Introducing Nail Knowledge… After nearly two years in the planning, an idea voiced by Kevin Nicholls from Roo Beauty to Marian Newman has resulted in Nail Knowledge; fact-based online learning with a difference. Nail Knowledge provides the information and understanding essential for the nail professional. It’s presented via three masterclasses;…

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