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8 best products you need for beautiful feet this summer

By Emma Hobday | 11 July 2021 | Brands, Feature

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Hands up if your feet are looking a tad neglected? Are the perils of dry skin, calluses, dullness and tired, achy feet bringing you a feeling of meh and a want to hide them away?

Well, you can’t – summer is officially here for the taking and Scratch has rounded up the best scrubs, masks and peels you need to get your feet flip-flop ready.

1. Georgie Smedley Group Educator Amy Martin recommends applying a  foot scrub before popping on a foot mask to remove any dead skin cells. Amy loves the All That Jazz Hand and Foot Scrub, which contains three kinds of nourishing oils, perfect for a hit of moisture whilst the scrub works its magic. Amy adds, “The scrub is packed full of vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, C and E, which helps to heal the skin whilst conditioning it.” The product is also available in 4 yummy scents – Apple Cucumber, Chocolate Orange, Maple Spice, and Captivate – a lightly perfumed musk and coconut oil.                      all that jazz foot scrub2. The CND™ Marine SpaPedicure Cooling Masque is a cooling, mineral clay foot masque with hydrating sea extracts and botanicals for silky soft feet. The addition of natural menthol and spearmint oil helps calm inflammation and irritation, and leaves the feet feeling refreshed long after the masque is removed. “It’s a facial-like treatment, but for the feet,” comments a spokesperson from CND™. Who wouldn’t want that?


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3. Get your snake on, as the VOESH Exfoliating Peeling Socks are just what you need to shed rough or dead skin. They’re made with AHA and BHA acids and lavender and herb extract, which helps rid of hardened calluses and old skin cells.. VOESH adds, “These single-use foot masks are made to give your feet a salon treatment at home in between appointments, with no scrubbing required. Its soft material is perfectly fitting to hug the contours of your feet for gentle, yet effective exfoliation.”

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4. If you’re looking for a luxury experience, look no further than the VOESH Argan & Olive Oil Collagen Socks. VOESH says, “Each mask is pre-loaded with argan oil and collagen-rich emulsion to penetrate and moisturise the skin. When you’re ready to have your pedicure, simply remove the tips of the toes along the perforated pre-cut lines and pop on!” And that’s it – sit back, relax and enjoy.

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5. The STARSKIN VIP The Gold Foot Mask features opulent gold socks infused with Bulgarian rose water, shea butter, rosehip oil and beta-glucan, an anti-oxidant that locks hydration in and helps to soothe and nourish. Bonus? “It has a self-warming double layer technology which locks in body heat to maximise the ingredient absorption,” reveals STARSKIN. Ideal for chilly evenings or for when you need extra pampering.starskin vip gold socks1

6. Sick of those hard calluses that never seem to go away? The CND™ Cucumber Heel Therapy Callus Smoother is a professional-strength serum with concentrated AHAs to break down tough calluses. Not only that, it helps prevent new calluses from forming over time and softens tough skin in minutes.

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7. Pressed for time? The LOVASKIN Instant Foot Peeling Spray is a super quick and easy method to get super soft tootsies in literally seconds – 60, to be exact. Simply spray the product on the targeted area, wait 60 seconds, et voilà – the skin will gently begin to peel. LOVASKIN advises, “Use a professional foot file like the LOVASKIN Professional Foot File to help remove the dead skin and allow a neat finish, then rinse your feet off with water.” We also love that it is cruelty free and dermatologically tested. “Kind to the skin and the environment,” comments LOVASKIN.lova skin foot spray0

8. Luxury Swiss brand Mavex offer a triple whammy in the form of the Callus Peeling System, which contains foot callus removal patches, a foot daily care cream, and a foot file. The foot callus removal patches work to remove calluses and dead skin effortlessly to showcase soft and smooth feet in just 15 minutes, with the foot file assisting in skin removal. The foot cream contains soothing vitamin E and eucalyptus oil and lavender oil to hydrate, stimulate and tone.

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