Chloe Randall

The Great Scratch Shoot Out: Your top 3 questions answered

By Chloe Randall | 30 August 2023 | Feature

Shoot Out Web 1200 Entry

With entries currently open for The Great Scratch Shoot Out 2023, here are the answers to some of your burning questions…

1. Can I enter more than one image?

Yes! There’s no limit to the number of entries that can be submitted per person as images are judged anonymously. Entry costs £25 per image.

2. Is the complexity of the nail design considered during the judging?

No- the competition does not mark on complexity of the nails in the image. This is a cover image/editorial style competition, therefore it allows for nails of any length, which can be natural, pink & white, block colour, designed with embellishments or airbrushed- they can be styled in any fashion that best fits with the theme. It’s about the overall concept and complete look. However, the judges are looking for technical skill and a sharp, clear finish.

The criteria states:

  • Nail finish: Is your nail design finished to perfection? Check they’re even in shape and form and pay close attention to the cuticles and skin surrounding.
  • Nail design: Does your nail design fit with your theme? How have you brought your concept to life?

3. Will shooting an image on my phone put me at a disadvantage?

The competition is largely judged on whether your image is striking and the concept is original. If your entry is well shot, in focus and of a high resolution, with a winning concept, it’s sure to stand out. Remember, you can tweak your image with photo editing and retouching apps.

To enter The Great Scratch Shoot Out 2023, click here